• Season's beatings! Xmas has arrived in Rust

    Uugh! I don't even want to go into how much of a pain this was to fix up...

    All servers are now updated.


  • Updates applied to all servers

    All servers how now been updated with the latest updates and features, loot tables are working - including new balancing.
  • Blueprints 3.0

    Welcome back to the Blueprints system 🙂

    Today's force wipe see's the Blueprints system back in play and with that we have updated all servers, and we go live with Rustin 5x Barren

    New server list / specs can be found on https://pinggaming.com

    Forced wipe and updates have been applied across all servers.

    NEW Added Workbenches
    NEW Added Blueprints
    NEW Added ice lake monuments to the arctic biome
    Added new road generation algorithm
    UPDATED Improved world serialization file format
    UPDATED More efficient world serialization compression
    UPDATED Improved water map encoding
    UPDATED Can no longer block ladders with certain barricades (concrete, stone and sandbag)
    UPDATED High external walls and gates require some space between parallel walls
    UPDATED Vending machine + shopfront cost reduction
    UPDATED Locked all items other than default blueprints
    UPDATED Improved bus stop and power substation spawn rules
    UPDATED T-shirt/longsleeve much cheaper don't require sewing kit
    UPDATED Can only repair items with blueprint
    FIXED Fixed problems with drinking water from rivers and lakes
    FIXED Invisible body no longer casting shadows on viewmodel
    FIXED Fixed ambient occlusion around vegetation
    FIXED Fixed player shadow projection noticeable on ceilings
    FIXED Fixed sky reflection intensity mapping
    FIXED Fixed motion blur ignored around on holosight reticle border

    - Pink
  • Updates / New things


    - We have updated 10/20x to be straight up 20x
    - Extra spawns - around 1000 new spawn points added on each server (no longer just waking up on the beach)
    - Skinbox is now enable for VIP's
    - Added enhanced hacker detection - as always you can still press F7 if you suspect someone of cheating

    NEW Added flare to Ceiling Light
    NEW Added "authtimeout" server convar
    UPDATED M92, AK47, P250 Have learnable recoil patterns
    UPDATED M92, AK47, P250 Aimcone reduced by 80%
    UPDATED Riot Helmet no longer requires Sewing kit
    UPDATED Plate armor protection increased
    UPDATED Bone armor requires Cloth instead of Rope
    UPDATED Updated multiple item descriptions
    UPDATED More garbage collection optimizations
    UPDATED Larger coastal player spawn areas
    UPDATED Better resource spawning
    UPDATED Reduced spawn density of wooden logs by around 30%
    UPDATED Reduced distance fog density by at clear weather conditions by 25-50%
    FIXED Fixed player names not appearing on skulls
    FIXED Fixed duplicate ore nodes around radtowns (requires two server restarts)
    FIXED Fixed material LOD pop-in on cliffs and rocks
    FIXED Fixed show texel density exploit
    FIXED Fixed fuzz in cloth shaders
    FIXED Fixed OSX/GL gamma darkening bug
    FIXED Terrain texture aliasing/shimmering when aniso=1
    REMOVED Removed Recoil Compensation for pattern weapons
    REMOVED Removed "gc.interval" convar
    REMOVED Removed max draggable from items (except liquids)

  • Wipe day and Updates

    All servers are updated and updates are:

    Support for global per-sound voice limiting
    NEW New shotgun trap sounds
    NEW Additional info on world item server logs
    NEW Server side held item deploy time verification
    NEW Server side cooldown verification for medical tools
    NEW Player hack reports now log on server
    NEW Sleeping bag now has item condition
    NEW Server side violations now report to EAC
    NEW Wooden ladder now has item condition
    NEW Wooden logs can be harvested for wood
    NEW All cacti can be harvested for cloth and cactus flesh
    NEW Ore objects now support entity pooling
    NEW Ores in the arid biome are slightly covered in sand (similar to snow in the arctic biome)
    NEW Added moon phases back
    NEW Standardized view shake for all bullet weapons
    NEW Added DropBox - External one way depository
    NEW Recoil Compensation ( can be disabled with player.recoilcomp false)
    NEW Hapis: A new high-end Radtown that can spawn some of the best loot.
    NEW Hapis: A bunch of Recyclers and Repair Benches.
    NEW Hapis: A few mines where you can find ore nodes and mining-specific loot.
    NEW Hapis: Numerous lonewolf/small group caves scattered around the map.
    NEW Hapis: Stranded convoy with loot on the north-eastern road.
    UPDATED Hapis: Reworked the entire west coast, and some of the inland areas.
    UPDATED Hapis: Forest density improvements.
    UPDATED Hapis: Reworked the rivers.
    UPDATED Hapis: A better waterfall.
    UPDATED Hapis: More loot overall in the various radtowns.
    UPDATED Hapis: Various other minor improvements.
    UPDATED Moved meshes to their own asset bundle
    UPDATED Moved viewmodels to the main asset bundle
    UPDATED Changed server save file extension from .map.sav to .sav
    UPDATED Client side objects no longer have useless nav mesh obstacle components on them
    UPDATED Tweaked clutter rock scale so they're not as easily confused with collectibles
    UPDATED Skinned items now show their correct icons even with itemskins set to false
    UPDATED Moved powerline poles to world layer
    UPDATED Doubled floor spike health
    UPDATED Pump Shotgun costs 5 less HQM
    UPDATED Laser Sight costs 5 less HQM
    UPDATED Laser Sight removes aim sway instead of aimcone
    UPDATED Laser Sight slightly reduces hip aimcone
    UPDATED Thompson costs 10 less HQM
    UPDATED Rocket Launcher can fire 50 rockets instead of 20 before breaking
    UPDATED Mailbox has a Submit button
    UPDATED Can no longer right click to deposit mail items directly into mailbox storage
    FIXED Fixed gloss slider not working on roadsign armour in the workshop
    FIXED Resources now longer occasionally spawn inside of each other
    FIXED Fixed repair being free on some objects
    FIXED Aimcones are actually Conical instead of Square (20% more accurate weapons)
    FIXED Fixed speedhack false positives when sliding down mountains
    FIXED Fixed a number of monument interaction issues that only occurred after a fresh wipe
    FIXED Fixed some situations where you could fall through the terrain near military tunnels
    FIXED Fixed over-bright particle effects
    FIXED Fixed skin tones too dark compared to previous weeks
    FIXED Fixed miner hat light intensity
    FIXED Fixed heli damage smoke effect lighting
    FIXED Fixed heli and cargo plane rotor lighting
    FIXED Fixed effect.bloom toggling effect instead of switching quality
    REMOVED Removed some tiny trees from the spawn table
    REMOVED Removed secondary light reflections on water; e.g. furnace, campfire