• So, you want to play rust FAST

    Welcome to PingGaming.com

Multipled Resources

All resources have been boosted up to a thousand times and crafting is instant.

Rewards Store

Earn Reward Points by hitting barrels and killing things. Use the RP to Buy items by tpying /s in the in-game chat.

No nights

No time for Nights we are all action here.

No Blueprints

No time for that, there are no need for workbenches either, craft whereever you like.

Group limited

Max team size of 6 players. This is rigidly enforced by plugins and staff.

VIP perks and Rewards

Players who support the server recieve perks and rewards - such as Raid Alerts, Kits, Double RP and more.

Upgrade today and enjoy these VIP perks! Never wait in a queue again!

  • Queue Skip (No more waiting in queue)
  • Skinbox (Change Weapon and Clothing skins)
  • Discord channels: Raid Alerts
  • VIP only kits and resources
  • bgrade 4 (instant place of armor)
  • Access to one click box sorting feature

BUY (From)

$ 8.99